Monday, August 4, 2014

Sex, Men and Modesty

One way to look at it from By Common Consent.
The ways we currently talk about sex and modesty are not accomplishing the healthy and empowering understandings of ourselves and our potential that are necessary for us to truly live together.
I have a similar story to the author, but I was in a different boat. I objectified and lusted after girls as much as any teen boy, but by the time I left on my mission, I didn't feel instantly swayed by every hot half-dressed girl that walked by. In fact, in one apartment complex, we had a group of hot college girls live right next door to us. My roommate (Elder Fish) and I would keep looking in their eyes when they came over and asked if we could go jogging with them or various others things we had to politely decline. I think it became a game for them that we had so much self-control. Of course, when they left, we'd look at each other like "Can you BELIEVE who we live next to?" and ponder their hotness for a second, then resume a holy missionary stance, but it was a positive neighborly relationship.

Then we had a new elder move in with us and the first time one of the girls came over to ask us something, the guy just stared with his mouth open. After she left, we both gave him a "What's the matter with you?" ribbing, and his response was "What? I couldn't help it!" But after that, the game was over. The girls stopped coming over and asking us for things.

Women and girls are going to dress how they've going to dress, but yeah, 100%, men can "help it."

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