Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Intellectual Trojan Horses

Interesting, long-ish blog post from a self-described "Mormon intellectual" who left the LDS Church but then came back, and he addresses some "Trojan horses" that some people can fall for.
1. Overemphasizing the importance of personal revelation.
2. Overemphasizing the importance of “thus saith the Lord”.
3. Overemphasizing the importance of church history.
4. Overemphasizing the fallibility of prophets.
It will be noted that all of these things which are overemphasized or reinterpreted by the intellectuals are in and of themselves supported by church leaders.   This is exactly what makes them such effective Trojan Horses which provide shelter for intellectual values within the church.  The mistake of the Mormon intellectual will thus lie not in his values per se, but in the way he interprets and prioritizes them.

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