Sunday, June 22, 2014

Amasa Lyman - Apostle, and My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather

Yeah, behold, Amasa Lyman and his wife Louisa Tanner (daughter of John Tanner) begat Matilda Lyman. And Matilda did wax strong, and she and her husband Isaac Carter begat Minnie Carter. And Minnie did marry George Albert English, and they begat Robert William English, who begat Robert Francis English, who begat me.

Amasa Lyman (1813-1877) was barely 19 when he was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, after meeting two LDS missionaries in Orson Pratt and Lyman Johnson. Three months later, he was able to meet Joseph Smith, and a month later he was called on his own mission.

He served several mission, and he was in Missouri in 1838 when The Battle of Crooked River broke out, where three Mormons and one militia man were killed. Gideon Carter was one of the three killed, another one of my great-great-great-grandfathers (father of Isaac). Lyman fought in the battle but was unharmed. Tensions skyrocketed in Missouri, and shortly after that, Gov. Lilburn Boggs signed the "Extermination Order," essentially making it legal to murder Mormons within Missouri borders.

Lyman was called to be an Apostle by Joseph Smith in 1842, and he was second counselor in the First Presidency when Smith was killed. Lyman was dropped from the Quorum due to an excess number of Apostles when Orson Pratt, who'd been excommunicated, was rebaptized and reinstated as an Apostle. Lyman soon again became part of the Quorum under Brigham Young.

Smith taught Amasa about polygamy just a few months before his death. Amasa took a total of eight wives over his life, and had 38 children from seven of them. One of them - Eliza Partridge - was one of Smith's widows. In fact, three of Amasa's wives were Partridge sisters.

Lyman was excommunicated in 1870 for apostasy, and he never joined the Church. He died at age 63 in 1877. In 1909, President Joseph F. Smith posthumously reinstated Lyman as a member and as an Apostle. At the time, Amasa's son Francis was an Apostle.

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