Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Called by Howard W. Hunter

Howard W. Hunter was in poor health when he became prophet. In his nine months, he only presided over one General Conference, and though he couldn't walk on his own anymore, he was still able to speak and travel to many different countries spreading the Gospel. He also only had the chance to call one Apostle.

(December 3, 1940 - )

Apostle - June 23, 1994

Holland was born and raised in St, George, Utah. He served his mission in England and was at one point the companion of Quentin L. Cook, a future Apostle.

He was an athlete. At Dixie High, he helped them take state in football and basketball. He played basketball at Dixie College after his mission. He transferred to BYU to get his Masters in religious education. He later got a PhD from Yale in American Studies.

He worked at BYU as the Dean of Religious Education, and he then replaced Dallin H. Oaks as President of BYU in 1980. He resigned when he was called to join the First Quorum of the Seventy in 1989.

He was called to be an Apostle at age 53, eight years younger than any other Apostle at that time. In his time, he helped develop the Preach my Gospel program. He boosted the church in Chile by living there from 2002-2004. He was commissioned with improving the church in Africa in 2012. His talks are usually a highlight of General Conference. He's currently 73.

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