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Called by George Albert Smith

After Pres. Grant had been in poor health in his final years, Smith brought a jolt of energy. He had his own health problems with lupus, but he was able to stay visible for the church. He kept Grant's same counselors and only had the chance to call three Apostles before his own death at age 81.

Called to be Apostles by George Albert Smith:
Matthew Cowley, Henry D. Moyle, Delbert L.Stapley

(August 2, 1897 - December 13, 1953)

Apostle - October 11, 1945

Matthew's father Matthias F. Cowley was called to be an apostle the year he was born. When matthew was eight, his father resigned from the Q12 over polygamy, and even after his father's priesthood was suspended, Matthew stayed strong in the church.

He served a mission in New Zealand and helped with corrections to the Maori translation of the Book of Mormon. He later became president of the New Zealand mission. He and his wife stayed in NZ for seven years, during all of World War II. The very next General Conference he was called to be an Apostle. He spent most of his time presiding over the Pacific Islands and was key in getting a temple built in New Zealand.

He was a popular writer and speaker, but died suddenly at age 56.

(April 22, 1889 - September 18, 1963)

Apostle - April 10, 1947
Second Counselor - June 12, 1959
First Counselor - October 12, 1961

Moyle was a WWI vet, a cattle rancher, and a prominent lawyer in Utah until he was called to be an Apostle after the death of Charles Callis.

Moyle eventually joined the First Presidency under David O. McKay. He helped purchase and grow a large cattle ranch in Florida for the church, where the beef could be used as part of the Church Welfare Program.

He was one who taught missionaries to never "coast on their spiritual laurels" from their mission service, but they should strive to grow and serve throughout their lives. He died of heart disease at age 74.

(December 11, 1896 - August 19, 1978)

Apostle - October 5, 1950

Stapley was a proficient high-school and college baseball player, but he turned down a chance to jump to the MLB to serve his mission, and due to the fact he'd have to work on so many Sabbaths. He was serving as a stake president when he was called to be an Apostle.

Stapley was said to be the Apostle in 1964 to urge Michigan governor George Romney to back down on his position on civil rights, which just made Romney campaign more for them. Stapley was in the hospital when he gave his endorsement to Pres. Kimball's 1978 revelation on the priesthood, and he died less than three months later.

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