Tuesday, October 22, 2013

LDS Apostles - Who Called Who

Joseph Smith
JOSEPH SMITH (1830-1844)
-Oliver Cowdery (excommunicated, rebaptized)
-David Whitmer (ex'd)
-Martin Harris (ex'd, rebaptized)
-Thomas B. Marsh (ex'd, rebaptized)
-David W. Patten (killed)
-Brigham Young (P)
-Heber C. Kimball
-Orson Hyde (removed, re-added with lost seniority)
-William E. M'Lellin (ex'd)
-Parley P. Pratt (killed)
-Luke S. Johnson (ex'd, rebaptized)
-William Smith (ex'd)
-Orson Pratt (removed, re-added with lost seniority)
-John F. Boynton (ex'd)
-Lyman E. Johnson (ex'd)
-John E. Page (ex'd)
-John Taylor (P)(English)
-Wilford Woodruff (P)
-George A. Smith
-Willard Richards
-Hyrum Smith (killed)
-Lyman Wight (ex'd)
-Amasa Lyman (ex'd)
*Note: Although Joseph called Sidney Rigdon to be a member of the First Presidency at one point, he was never called as an Apostle.
BRIGHAM YOUNG (1847-1877)
-Ezra T. Benson
-Charles C. Rich
-Lorenzo Snow (P)
-Erastus Snow
-Franklin D. Richards
-Jedidiah M. Grant
-John Willard Young (resigned)
-Daniel H. Wells
-George Q. Cannon (English)
-Joseph F. Smith (P)
-Joseph Angell Young
-Brigham Young Jr.
-Albert Carrington (ex'd, rebaptized)
JOHN TAYLOR (1880-1887)
-Moses Thatcher (dropped from Q12)
-Francis M. Lyman
-John Henry Smith
-George Teasdale (English)
-Heber J. Grant (P)
-John W. Taylor (ex'd)
-Marriner W. Merrill (Canadian)
-Anthon H. Lund (Danish)
-Abraham H. Cannon
-Matthias F. Cowley (resigned)
-Abraham O. Woodruff
LORENZO SNOW (1898-1901)
-Rudger Clawson
-Reed Smoot
JOSEPH F. SMITH (1901-1918)
-Hyrum M. Smith
-George Albert Smith (P)
-Charles W. Penrose (English)
-Orson F. Whitney
-George F. Richards
-David O. McKay (P)
-Anthony W. Ivins
-Joseph Fielding Smith (P)
-James E. Talmage (English)
-Stephen L. Richards
-Richard R. Lyman (ex'd in 1943, the most recent)
HEBER J. GRANT (1918-1945)
-Melvin J. Ballard
-John A. Widtsoe (Norweigan)
-Joseph F. Merrill
-Charles A. Callis (Irish)
-J. Reuben Clark
-Alonzo Hinckley
-Albert E. Bowen
-Sylvester Q. Cannon
-Harold B. Lee (P)
-Spencer W. Kimball (P)
-Ezra Taft Benson (P)
-Mark E. Petersen
-Matthew Cowley
-Henry D. Moyle
-Delbert L.Stapley
DAVID O. McKAY (1951-1970)
-Marion G. Romney
-LeGrand Richards
-Adam S. Bennion
-Richard L. Evans
-George Q. Morris
-Hugh B. Brown
-Howard W. Hunter (P)
-Gordon B. Hinckley (P)
-N. Eldon Tanner
-Thomas S. Monson (P)
-Alvin R. Dyer
-Boyd K. Packer
-Marvin J. Ashton
HAROLD B. LEE (1972-1973)
-Bruce R. McConkie
SPENCER W. KIMBALL (1973-1985)
-David B. Haight
-L. Tom Perry
-James E. Faust
-Neal A. Maxwell
-Russell M. Nelson
-Dallin H. Oaks
-M. Russell Ballard
EZRA TAFT BENSON (1985-1994)
-Joseph B. Wirthlin
-Richard G. Scott
-Robert D. Hales
HOWARD W. HUNTER (1994-1995)
-Jeffrey R. Holland
GORDON B. HINCKLEY (1995-2008)
-Henry B. Eyring
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf (German)
-David A. Bednar
-Quentin L. Cook
THOMAS S. MONSON (2008-Present)
-D. Todd Christofferson
-Neil L. Anderson

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